PTS Talks: Several Canadian Thought Leaders Share Their Insights into Post Traumatic Growth

On July 27th, 2018, I had the previlege to document the key speakers at the first annual Post Traumatic Growth conference,  hosted by Project Trauma Support, Perth, ON.

The event featured insightful presentations by several leaders in the field of helping people heal from trauma. Each presenter brings a differnet perspective to this condition and its impact on Canadian soldiers and first responders. The speakers include the following:

LCol Alastair Luft – TEDx Spearker and author

LCol Markus Besemann M.D. – Head of Rehabilitation Medicine CAF

Ross Nichols – Ontario Fire Marshall and Chief of Emergency Preparedness

Capt. (Red’d) Troy Neufeld M.D. – Emergency Physician and Resuscitationist

Dr. Manuela Joannou M.D. – Medical Director of Project Trauma Support

Today, we will feature the founders of Project Trauma Support, Dr. Manuela Joannou, M.D., and LCol Markus Beseman, M.D.

Be sure to check out this inspiring organization and the exceptional work that they do in helping people heal from trauma.







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